Gajahmada invitation lane 2011

Patterns of student admission in 2011 will change in accordance with No game. 34 of 2010. In accordance with No game. 34 of 2010, new admissions PTN consists of two lines of national and self-selection patterns. Quota national selection for each Prodi PTN is at least 60%, while the quota for independent selection seiap Prodi PTN is a maximum of 40%.

Pattern selection for admission will be implemented nationally through SNMPTN 2011 under the coordination of Directorate General of Higher and MRPTNI. SNMPTN 2011 will be launched in Jakarta, January 12, 2011, thereby implementing the full schedule in 2011 SNMPTN can immediately known together.

According No game. 34 of 2010, the pattern of acceptance of new students nationwide will be implemented through the invitation and exams. Registration lines open invitation to start on February 1 to March 12, 2011, this route is based pd crawl without a test of academic achievement.

General provisions SNMPTN invitation lines:
(1) national selection based on academic achievement crawl without the written exam / skills
(2) Line the invitation does not include interest and talent search path.
(3) Party Invitations Line is a school which has been registered pd SNMPTN database system 2010 and priority has akrediatsi A & B
(4) School Track Invite participants to send students to the best applicants to be selected as a candidate for new students in the PTN of interest

Requirements for student applicants invitation lines:
(1) Students who are sitting in class 12 SMA / SMK / MA / MAK
(2) Students who have academic achievement as low as 25% ranked consistently the best in its class
(3) Students who obtain a recommendation from the Principal

The procedure of registration of invitations path:
(1) The committee will invite and inform the school about the pattern of acceptance KPD SNMPTN Line Invitation
(2) Head of School must read and understand all provisions and procedures SNMPTN Line Invite on primarily related to capacity requirements and courses in their respective PTN
(3) Head to proactively register a school profile on the page SNMPTN as well as to obtain a user name and password and the number of students that can be proposed following the path SNMPTN Invitation
(4) Principal fill the students’ academic achievement data by using the user name & password scr on-line through
(5) provide the Principal Registration Number and Password obtained from the system to student applicants who are recommended
(6) Students Applicants who have registered by the Principal to pay the registration to the Bank to show Registration Number
(7) Students Applicants with Registration Number and Password fill in personal data, the choice of State and study programs, upload (upload) the required documents, and print the Proof of Registration Card, through

The course of study and number of options on the Line SNMPTN Invite:
(1) Each student applicants dpt choose a maximum of 2 (two) that interests PTN
(2) Student applicants can choose courses that interest on each of the selected PTN maximum of 3 (three) and elective courses do not depend on the suitability of applicants majoring in home school
(3) The order of elective courses is a priority choice
(4) List of courses and capacity SNMPTN Track Invite in 2011 can be seen on page SNMPTN
(5) Further provisions on the selection of new admissions by invitation based on academic achievement crawl regulated and determined by each student applicants selected PTN

Registration fee SNMPTN Year 2011 Line Invitation Rp. 175.000, – (one hundred seventy-five thousand rupiah)

as information currently in construction and will be launched (launch) immediately

for students in grade 12, the focal point pad SNMPTN first Invitation for registration will begin February 1, 2011, smtr point later in May 2011 Examination msh

2011 Track Schedule SNMPTN Invitation: Register online (1 February -12 March), Announcement of Results (18 May), and registration (May 31 and / or 1 June)

SNMPTN Line 2011 and Line Invitation Written Exam / Skills will be followed by all State Universities in Indonesia (60 State Universities). SNMPTN Committee will send information and guidelines to follow SNMPTN 2011 to SMA / SMK / MA / MAK in the near future, please wait. Ranking is said to be consistent, if for SMT 1-5, always in the range of pd ratings of 25% tbaik serendah2nya in class, though volatile. One of the advantages invitation line: students have the opportunity to choose max 6 Prodi (from max 2 PTN distinguished m’buka invitation lane capacity). Another plus: Prodi choice does not depend dg applicants suitability of the home department (IPA / IPS / etc) and schools (SMA / SMK / MA / MAK)

Force / graduates in 2011 to follow the path SNMPTN invitation and exams. Graduates of 2009 and 2010 can follow the path SNMPTN exam. To track invitations, the choice of non-related PTN or residential areas. Student applicants may choose Prodi & PTN anywhere.

Important info (1): the participant schools are schools that invitation lines registered on the database SNMPTN 2010 dg accreditation priority A or B.
Important info (2): the participant schools information SNMPTN invitation lines will soon be published through the pages
Important info (3): a distinguished list of schools published information Dlm page is at once as an official invitation from the committee
Important info (4): thus the committee will not send invitations to school.

SNMPTN Line open invitation for SMA / SMK / MA / MAK both public and private. Sign SMA / SMK / MA / MAK participants SNMPTN Line Invitations will be published no later than date of February 1, 2011 through Invitation Line: The committee would not ahave sent a written invitation to the school. Open invitation SNMPTN collapsible seen on the website, February 1, 2011. Students who fail to follow the selection of invitation lines written exm / skills SNMPTN 2011. Invitation Line: PTN invite outstanding students to be selected bdasarkan academic report card value and / or achievement nas / int ‘l without a test exam.


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